WPC host many different classes in our studio spaces. We call these Community Classes. Please follow instructions below to register.


Classes that are run by Whitireia Performance Centre will have Bianca Daniell as a contact. For these classes the following term dates apply:

Term 1: 13th Feb - 13th April
Term 2: 1st May-7th Jul
Term 3: 24th Jul - 22nd Sept
Term 4: Starts October 11th. End date TBC

For all other classes please refer to the relevant contacts indicated below.



Studio 2, Wednesdays, 5:30pm-6:30pm, Beginners
Studio 2, Wednesdays, 6:30pm-7:30pm, Beginners One (formerly Beginners Plus)
Studio 2, Wednesdays, 7:30pm-8:30pm, Beginners Two (formerly Intermediate)

Please note that each class works on a first-in-first served basis on the day. To hold a spot you will need to come into Whitireia Performance Centre Level 2 reception desk and pay in advance.

$15 Casual Rate
$12 per class (paid in full) Term Pass

TUTOR: Vivencio Samblaceno


If you are planning on attending the class casually this term, or if this is your first time, you will need to attend the Beginners 5:30pm class on the 15th of Feb 2017 for grading. There are only 15 spaces available, so make sure to get here early to register.

You are welcome to wear socks or ballet shoes, however, barefeet is not allowed in any of the classes. Before goign to Studio 2, you must sign in and pay at the Level 2 reception desk.

Beginners class is for absolute beginners. If you have previously done Intermediate classes, you will find all our classes this term unsuitable for you.

Please register your interest by emailing Bianca with ATTN: BALLET TERM 4 in the subject line.

Please see Term Dates above for class dates.



Studio T1: Monday Nights 5.45PM
Studio T1: Saturday Mornings at 9.45AM

$90 for a 6 x week pass
$20 casually (contact us to book)


We're Shut Up & Dance. We teach routines inspired by films and music videos. Shut Up & Dance is brought to you by a three lady crew: Abby, Clair and Lesa. They're avid fans of pop music, dance, food and meeting new people. The brainchild for Shut Up & Dance was birthed when they realised a gap in the market for fun, relaxed dance classes.

Apart from their bedrooms and Boogie Wonderland, there didn't appear to be anywhere else for uncoordinated fools to feel like they could moonwalk like Michael, drop it like Beyoncé and groove like JT. If you think you've got two left feet, or have always been that kid that kept getting the 'Most Improved' award, then Shut Up & Dance is probably for you.

Classes are 45 minutes and we recommend you wear whatever you feel comfortable moving and sweating in. We welcome all fitness levels, all ages from 18+. Previous dance experience is not necessary.

We also do Hens Dos and take private bookings. To find out more about us, check out our Instagram, visit our FAQ page or email us with any queries.



Studio 2, Mondays, 6:15pm Intermediate
Studio 2, Mondays, 7:15pm Beginners Level 2 (Studio 2)
Studio 1, Wednesdays, 6pm Oriental Mix 
Studio 1, Wednesdays, 7pm Beginners
Studio 2, Thursdays, 6:15pm Beginners Level 2


$17 casual class, or buy a
Term Pass discount:
A)1x a week (eg. 7 weeks x 7 classes of $12 = $84)
B)2x a week (eg. 7 weeks x 14 classes of $10 = $140)
C)Unlimited Classes Term 1 = $180
 Note: Prices vary according to the number of weeks in each term.

CONTACT: Mirian preferably
Mobile: 027 303 3813 (text)


Belly Dance is an art form that empowers your body, mind and soul. It improves your flexibility and tones your core muscles while inspiring you to feel more feminine, healthy and creative.

Beginners Level 1: An introductory level class that will build skills and knowledge of the basic belly dance technique. No experience in dance is required. Students will benefit more by joining the class at the beginning of the term, however new students are welcome to join this class at any time. 

Beginners Level 2: While the beginners 1 class enables complete beginners to get confident with basics of belly dance, beginners 2 class introduces more elaborate variations of the technique learnt previously and proposes new challenges allowing students with some experience to develop further.

Intermediate Level 1: A more challenging class that moves at a quicker pace. Recommended for students who have at least 2 years experience at belly dance and are confident at performing the basic technique. It’s strongly recommended to join an additional class per week (of any level) while attending this class.

Oriental Mix Open Level: The Oriental Mix class allows students to learn and explore different props that are used in belly dance as well as different dance styles such as folkloric and fusion dances. Each term, Mirian will pick one or two themes to work in class. Some materials might be required to buy (eg. Zills, cane, veil, etc). This class is open to Beginners Level 2 and Intermediate students.



Foyer Studio, Ground Floor. Nia class open to all, 5:30-6:30pm, MONDAY (Based on school terms, sometimes shorter.)
Term 1: Feb 20th ~ March 27th
T 2: 1/5 ~ 26/5
T 3: 24/7 ~ 11/9
T 4: 16/10 ~ 11/12

Term Pass @$15/class paid in advance, Casual $20, 10 ~Trip $170, 5~Trip $90 Contact Amanda for payment
CONTACT: Amanda Hanna-Doull (teacher) 021 316692

NIA: *Dance *Soulful *Fitness Nia is for All Ages and All Bodies (we range from teenage to 70+). Nia is a unique blend of dance, martial arts & healing arts (like yoga) that creates a powerful barefoot workout your body will love. Steps and moves are simple so you have room to find your own creative way. Nia increases the amount of Joy &

Fun you have in your body, and is a wonderful place to let go of stress, and just be yourself. You will find great music, no judgement, no competition and a very warm welcome!



T1 Studio, Mondays, 6:30 – 7:30pm, Dance Fitness Class

Your First Class is Free.
After that: $15 casual (cash or eft-pos), or for a cheaper/convenient option you can purchase 5-trip, 10-trip, 20-trip or 1-month concession cards in class, or from the website. Student/community card rates available on request.

CONTACT: Virginia Keast: Mobile: 027 640 3595, Email:

Do you love to dance, but never get the chance? Then Never Stop Dancing is definitely for you. Never Stop Dancing offers 6 amazing dance fitness classes every week in central Welly … with music you love, moves you can easily master, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and fantastic variety: 80s, Disco, Pop Divas, Movie Theme Songs, 90s Old School, Latest Hits, Hip Hop, Swing, Latin, Country, EDM … the list goes on.

Think: maximum variety, maximum freedom and maximum fun. No need to have danced before. No contracts, joining fees, commitments to a term/block of classes, or expiry dates. And no two classes ever the same :) . Just come along to a class that suits, dance your socks off to music you love, leave sweaty and smiling and feeling fantastic … easy :) . For more information/photos/videos, just take a look at my website:



Monday 2 October-Monday 11 December
studio 1
Intermediate Tap 5.30-6.25pm
Improver-Intermediate Jazz 6.30-7.25pm
Intermediate-Advanced Jazz 7.30-8.45pm

Sunday 8 October-Sunday 17 December
studio 1
Beginner-Improver Tap 4.00-4.55pm
Beginner Jazz 5.00-5.55pm
Improver Plus Tap 6.00-6.55pm

Sunday 15 October-Sunday 17 December
studio 2
Open level Contemporary 6.00-7.30pm 

Ranging from $10-$20 depending on the duration of the class and payment option taken. We offer term payments, concession cards and casual options. All trial classes are FREE! Please contact Lorna at LL Dance for details.


LL Dance adult classes are all about having fun and getting the body moving. The classes are a social event, a form of exercise and a learning experience all wrapped up in one! We are known for our friendly, welcoming atmosphere and some great friendships have been made over the years through the classes. Participants also have the opportunity to perform in the annual show.
You will master the common tap steps and learn proper technique to improve tone and foot control. Rhythm, syncopation and travel will all be explored. Come and have fun with your feet!
Energetic, exciting and dynamic. Classes consist of a warm up to increase flexibility and strength, Jazz progressions to improve your technique in jumping, spinning and leaping and will finish with a Jazz routine.
Contemporary dance is an expressive art form utilising the whole body. Techniques such as contraction, release, tilting and swinging will be explored. Be prepared to make friends with the floor!


One hour classes – Four 10 week school terms
Studio 3, Mondays, 6.00 - 7.00pm ADVANCED
Studio 3, Mondays, 7.00 - 8.00pm BEGINNERS
Morning, lunchtime & evening classes also available Mon to Sat - Karori, Brooklyn, Newlands, Northland, Thorndon

$110 per term
CONTACT: Katie Ph. (04) 976 0581 Mob: 021 146 9571

Pilates combines a holistic blend of stretch & inner strength, balancing muscle lengths, aligning the spine & isolating specific areas. Focus is on the core muscles that flatten the abs, support the spine & increases global power through a stable gravitational centre.” You’re only as young as your spine”

For: Male & female beginners/mixed levels - office workers/athletes/post pregnancy

What to wear: Tracksuit or trousers & t-shirt socks or bare feet - mats, balls & bands provided



T1 Studio, Mondays, 7:45-8:45pm, WCS Fundamentals (Beginners)
T1 Studio, Mondays, 8:45-9:45pm, WCS Improvers
T1 Studio, Mondays, 9:45pm: Freestyle - music will be played, students can practise and consolidate their skills. Teachers will be available from there for Q&A.

$5 for the whole evening
Come along and give it a try.. Attend for some or all of the evening for the same price!


Come along and give it a try - all levels welcome. Attend for some or all of the evening for the same price!

WCS Structure:

• 7:30pm: WCS Fundamentals - Covers basic rhythms, basic steps. Whilst intended for complete beginners, experienced dancers can always benefit from reviewing and practising basics. This year we're concentrating a little on making beginners more useful to those with some experience too. :)

• 7:45pm: WCS Beginners - Basic syllabus of routines and material to get well on your way with WCS.

• 8:30pm: Short Freestyle: a little break to practise the fundamentals, as well as warm up for the the second. :)

• 8:45pm: WCS Improvers: US influenced steps patterns and learning, both filling your WCS vocabulary and building your skill as WCS dancers! 

• 9:30pm: Freestyle - music will be played, students can practise and consolidate their skills. Teachers will be available from there for Q&A.



Studio T1, Tuesdays, 6-7pm Beginner (during school term)
Studio 1, Tuesdays, 6-7pm, Beginner 2(during school term)
Studio 1, Tuesdays, 7-8pm Tuesdays, Improver (during school term)
Studio T1, Tuesdays, 7-8pm, Intermediate(during school term)
Studio T1, Tuesdays, 8-9pm, Advanced (during school term)

$60: 5 week courses (Beginner 1 & 2)
$120: 10 week courses (Improver, Intermediate & Advanced)
$16: Casual classes
Student/Community Services Card discounts available.
Payments made in Studio T1 on Level 3.

CONTACT:, Jacob - 021 522 627


Salsa is an enchanting and addictive form of Latin American music and dance, popular around the world.

Salsa Magic is Wellington's longest running Salsa dance school, with experienced teachers who have danced, performed and competed around NZ and overseas.

We teach liner style Salsa (On 1 and On 2), run regular social dancing events and have one of the biggest and most successful Salsa performance groups in Australasia.



Studio 4, Tuesdays, 6:00pm-7:00pm, Beginners
Studio 4, Tuesdays, 7:30pm-8:30pm, Intermediate/Advanced

$12 - Casual Student
$15 - Casual Adult

CONTACT: for more info about classes and jams at other venues and also about cancellations.Concession Card and Term Fee options available.

If you want to learn street dance in a fun and social environment then come and check us out at Projekt Team. You'll be learning different styles of street dance from some of the best hip hop and street dancers in Wellington.


A fun social class where its more about giving things a go rather than getting them perfect.

Intermediate / Advanced:

This class is for those who have had a little bit of experience and want to challenge themselves a bit further.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!



T1 Studio, Wednesday & Thursdays, 7pm – 10.30pm.

$15 for the evening. Concessions available. Cash only.

CONTACT: Adam Nathanson 021 205 1202



IDance is a fun social partner dance that is unique in that it is danced to all genres of music. This is a dance that is great at parties and nightclubs! I-Dance is an easy of partner dance to learn because we don’t have tricky footwork and the moves are easy.

If you are not dancing at the end of your first night, we will give you your money back!!!

Come on your own or with your mates and you can wear any clothes you feel comfortable in.



Adult Beginner Contemporary
Studio 1, Thursday’s 6pm-7pm

Adult Open Contemporary (suitable for confident beginnners and intermediate-advanced dancers)
Studio 1, Saturday's 10:30am-11:30am

$14 casual, $120 for 10 trip, cash only 

Adult Beginner Contemporary

Always wanted to try contemporary? Perfect! Stretch, strengthen, mobilize, move, learn repertory, and find our groove & style. This class is challenging, fun and suitable for absolute beginners. 

Adult Open Contemporary

Have fun playing with different qualities of movement and energy levels. Work on strengthening and lengthening the muscles. Move in and out of the floor and weight. Explore body articulation and dance with every body part. 

Boys- you are totally welcome!

Your body is going to love you.


Hawaiian Dance (Hula)

Studio 4, Thursdays, 7- 750
$100 Term Pass
$15 casual class
First class always free! Payment given to the instructor.
CONTACT: Liora Noy,, 021355041

Hawaiian dance (Hula), is a beautiful, expressive, fun form of dance. Class starts with a warm-up learning the basic hula steps, and continues with learning and practicing dances that bring the words and the stories of the mele(song) to life. All this with beautiful Hawaiian music, traditional and contemporary. Good for all ages and abilities, a great way to exercise - we do have our hearts pumping every week! The class has been on going for a few years, but new people are always welcome and some are very quick to pick it up, just come give it a try.



T1 Studio, Fridays 6-7.30pm
Entry: $15
CONTACT: Alex: 0210424921


Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms is a simple movement meditation practice through which we explore the 5 natural rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness, as we move to embody and integrate body, heart, mind and soul. In doing this, we find a new sense of freedom and possibility that is both surprising, healing and exhilarating, as well as deeply restorative. We reconnect with ourselves and each other, uncover our vulnerabilities to embrace our strengths and connect with our creativity.

Come along and dance off the stress and tension of the week so you can relax and recharge for the weekend! No experience needed, just a willingness to move! Bring a water bottle!